Episode 4: Soulmates: Destiny or Delusion?

Do soul mates exist? Why does our society put so much pressure on women to find a partner? Valeria sits down with husband and co-founder of Valeria Inc, Gary to discuss these questions and more.

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Valeria discusses her experiences with the idea of a soulmate (does she believe it? Has she believed it in the past?) Larger discussion about the pressure for women to find a partner, how cultural connotations of soulmates have changed overtime, and the people who are challenging this notion of monogamous soulmates.

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Gary Lipovetsky

Gary is Co-Founder of Valeria Inc. His experience in online marketing started in 1996 and includes social, search and banner advertising, directory marketing, content creation and marketing, ecommerce, advanced data analytics, and affiliate marketing. In 2015 he crossed over into influencer marketing by partnering with his wife, content creator, Valeria Lipovetsky. Working together, they’ve fostered a collective audience of over 6.3M people across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook and have curated a team of 16 industry professionals to help serve over 300 brand partners.


Not Alone is produced in partnership with FRQNCY Media.
Producer: Lizzie Stewart 
Associate Producer: Emily Krumberger
Supervising Producer: Enna Garkusha 
Executive Producer: Michelle Khouri
Script written by: William Cagle, Ellie Katz, and Sara Naz Jadbabaie 
Script editors: Isabel Moncloa Daly and Jessica Olivier
Mixer and sound designer: Claire Bidigare-Curtis
Dialogue editing: Sidney Evans 
Session engineering: DonTaé Hodge. 

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