How to Save Your Marriage: Working with My Husband & Hiring a CEO

Join us on this week’s episode of the Not Alone Podcast as we delve into our journey of building a global influencer empire.

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Join us on this week’s episode of the Not Alone Podcast as we delve into our journey of building a global influencer empire. Rachel Ostro, CEO of Valeria Inc, joins hosts Gary Lipovetsky and Valeria Lipovetsky, and together they unravel the remarkable tale of how they forged Valeria Inc into a powerhouse in the influencer marketing realm. Boasting an audience of over 6.5 million across four social platforms, working with thousands of partners, and generating a staggering revenue of over 13 million dollars, their story is one of determination, collaboration, and innovation.

Tune in as Rachel, Gary, and Valeria share their insights into what makes the creator economy tick, revealing the pulse of a rapidly evolving industry. Discover how the creator economy is set to skyrocket, with projections indicating exponential growth in the coming years. Join us for an inspiring conversation that unveils the secrets behind their success and offers a glimpse into the exciting future of influencer marketing.

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What We Talked About:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:56 Welcome, Rachel Wexler!
  • 02:08 Why Valeria Inc. needed a CEO
  • 05:42 Who is Rachel and why is she leading Valeria Inc.?
  • 13:26 A team of visionaries
  • 15:32 Some positives that came out from the pandemic
  • 20:04 Different strengths and skill sets
  • 23:51 Going through major life changes as a team
  • 29:01 The stigma of career women after having kids
  • 32:12 Growth can mean so many different things
  • 36:04 What do you do for a living?
  • 38:58 Why don’t you sign on more talent? 
  • 40:39 What is the team’s biggest win?
  • 45:47 Future plans, online education, creator economy
  • 50:10 The economic impact of successful influencers
  • 56:28 Scaling your long-term goals
  • 59:10 What is Valeria like?
  • 01:01:44 What are the biggest hurdles for creators?
  • 01:08:10 Challenges come everyday
  • 01:13:01 Why is the podcast called Not Alone?
  • 01:16:15 Gary’s punctuation problem



Gary Lipovetsky

Gary is Co-Founder of Valeria Inc. His experience in online marketing started in 1996 and includes social, search and banner advertising, directory marketing, content creation and marketing, ecommerce, advanced data analytics, and affiliate marketing. In 2015 he crossed over into influencer marketing by partnering with his wife, content creator, Valeria Lipovetsky. Working together, they’ve fostered a collective audience of over 6.3M people across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook and have curated a team of 16 industry professionals to help serve over 300 brand partners.

Rachel Ostro

As the CEO at VALERIA INC., Rachel oversees our company’s vision and strategy, leading Valeria's brand development and podcast while fostering meaningful and long-term brand partnerships. Her goal is to continue the growth of VALERIA INC. and establish Valeria into a global household name brand. Rachel brings 10+ years of marketing experience and 5+ years of executive experience in growing rocketship companies. She loves being on the cusp of the future, and this industry and form of new media and partnerships is where advertising and media are heading. She gets to work with the most talented, passionate, and beautiful human beings who inspire her every day. She's lived and worked in four different countries, and is now settled in Canada with her growing family.


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