My Divorce Story: Chriselle Lim’s Lonely Marriage and Self-Discovery Journey

This week, Valeria is joined by the iconic Chriselle Lim, an OG fashion and lifestyle influencer, entrepreneur, and content creator.

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This week, Valeria is joined by the iconic Chriselle Lim, an OG fashion and lifestyle influencer, entrepreneur, and content creator. The shock of Chriselle’s divorce came after years of her sharing her picturesque seeming family & relationship online - her journey is a true testament to the fact that women continue to suffer in silence in toxic relationships. What you see on the outside is so different from what’s happening inside a marriage. Chriselle is blazing the trail for changing that narrative, breaking down the stigma around divorce and failed relationships, and giving hope to those who are struggling on their own. Valeria and her sit down and chat all about Chriselle’s self-discovery journey throughout and after her divorce, the internal shame that comes with learning to love again, and how they are planning to raise resilient children through positive feminine and masculine role models. 

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What We Talked About:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:42 Self-discovery after divorce
  • 03:47 Feeling alone in a marriage
  • 06:45 The reality of young marriage
  • 10:28 Prenups and partnership
  • 13:25 Embracing change in relationships
  • 16:42 Redefining masculinity and femininity
  • 20:25 Rediscovering joy and feminine energy after divorce
  • 25:58 Present parenting
  • 29:34 Building a solid co-parenting relationship
  • 37:18 Why Chriselle shared her divorce journey
  • 40:48 Letting go of past self
  • 44:40 Finding strength in vulnerability
  • 48:35 Celebrating life after divorce
  • 50:41 Setting boundaries in the world of social media
  • 1:00:57 Overcoming relationship trauma and trusting again
  • 1:03:34 “You don’t need marriage…”
  • 1:12:07 Who is Chriselle now?



Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim began her career as a wardrobe stylist logging in years of editorial shoots with prominent fashion books and celebrities. In 2011, she launched her YouTube channel and website, the Chriselle Factor, to empower and inspire women all around the world through her daily musings on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. With a following of over 5.5 million people across her various channels, Chriselle is now ranked among the top industry experts, deemed a pioneer in digital media. she has been featured across various publications such as the New York Times, WWD, Forbes, and most recently the cover of Entrepreneur magazine. In 2017, Chriselle cofounded cinc. studios, a creative studio that specializes in visual, digital, and social communication for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands. in 2019, Mattel created a Barbie styled by Chriselle and which sold out in the first 3 hours of launch. she was also named one of TikTok’s top creators on their 2020 Top 100 list. in 2020, Chriselle started bümo, a company that brings licensed educational childcare to the workplace. Bümo is reimagining what the future of family and work looks like for modern parents. Bumo is offering solutions so men and women in the workforce can continue to thrive in their careers, while still being engaged and active parents. bümo opened up their first location at Westfield Century City Shopping Center in Los Angeles and has expanded into six other locations and is growing. 2022 marked an exciting new venture for Chriselle with the launch of her modern fine fragrance line, Phlur. the viral success of her first fragrance, Missing Person, sold out within days and gathered a waitlist of over 150k names long. Chriselle continues to launch new scents and products and expand the business online and in stores.


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