Spirituality as a Superpower: Harnessing Your Inner Strength with Dr. Lisa Miller

Join Valeria in a transformative conversation as she sits down with the remarkable Dr. Lisa Miller, a trailblazing clinical psychologist, and the visionary founder of the Spirituality MINDBODY Institute.

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Join Valeria in a transformative conversation as she sits down with the remarkable Dr. Lisa Miller, a trailblazing clinical psychologist, and the visionary founder of the Spirituality MINDBODY Institute. With Valeria, Dr. Miller unravels the mysteries of the awakened brain, revealing how each of us is innately equipped with the ability to connect deeply with the spiritual world. Lisa guides us through the profound impact spirituality can have on mental health and well-being, and enlightens us on how mothers and children share their spirituality. She shares the heartwarming tale of how spirituality and mental health converged in her life, leading to her pioneering research and bestselling books, "The Awakened Brain" and "The Spiritual Child." 

In this episode, you will get to participate in two guided exercises with Dr. Lisa Miller and Valeria to connect to your own innate spiritual brain. Prepare to be inspired and enlightened as you discover how to harness the power of spiritual awareness to transform your life, find deeper meaning, and navigate the challenges of the modern world with grace and resilience.

Read more about Dr. Lisa Miller’s book

The Awakened Brain: https://www.lisamillerphd.com/home 

The Spiritual Child: https://www.lisamillerphd.com/the-spiritual-child 

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What We Talked About:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:55 What is an awakened brain?
  • 05:24 Turning into spiritual guidance
  • 09:13 Connection to the higher power
  • 11:51 Awakening your spiritual core
  • 13:46 Gen Z is a profoundly spiritual generation
  • 18:00 Spirituality has become an industry
  • 19:54 The most important role of a mother
  • 22:23 How do we see the world at the spiritual level
  • 26:39 Shaping natural spiritual awareness in children
  • 28:23 Religion is a gift
  • 30:13 Is love permanent?
  • 34:55 The practice of love
  • 36:44 Where are you in your spiritual journey?
  • 42:16 Spirituality in clinical practice
  • 47:41 There is an infinite sense of possibility
  • 51:46 Speak with love from your spiritual heart
  • 55:43 Celebrating your womanhood
  • 58:29 Mid-life crisis is a spiritual awakening



Dr. Lisa Miller

Dr. Lisa Miller is a national leader in helping people along the path to greater spiritual awareness and meaningful flourishing. Dr. Miller helps young adults discover their own personal spirituality and parents to support natural spiritual awareness in children for better mental health, resilience and thriving. Dr. Miller is an award winning clinical scientist at Columbia University, Founder of the Spirituality Mind Body Institute and as a professor of over 20 years, a published scientist with over research of 100 articles in peer review scientific journals. Dr. Miller's recent book, The Awakened Brain; The New Science of Spirituality and Our Quest for an Inspired Life, offers spiritual access to all people, within any religion or outside of any religion (spiritual but not religious). Dr. Miller's book The Spiritual Child; The New Science of Parenting for Health and Lifelong Thriving, a New York Times Bestseller, has helped thousands of parents to raise mentally healthy, spiritual children!


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