Staying Together: How We Navigate Marital Issues and Prevent Divorce

In today’s episode, Gary and Valeria discuss the complexities of marriage, drawing from their own 12-year experience.

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Gary is back by popular demand! In today’s episode, Gary and Valeria discuss the complexities of marriage, drawing from their own 12-year experience. First, Gary and Valeria touch on the passing of his mother, then dig deeper into how their 18-year age gap impacts their views on marriage and divorce. 

The duo explores why marriages often fail, the long-term and ongoing emotional neglect, changing personal needs, and societal pressures. Valeria highlights the dual burden women face as caregivers and professionals, while Gary emphasizes the importance of effort and communication to resolve issues before considering divorce. 

From bickering about cavemen to dissecting foreplay…this episode definitely gets spicy 🌶️

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What We Talked About:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:54 Let’s talk about divorce
  • 02:04 Dealing with loss and grief
  • 06:16 Responsibilities of a son and a husband
  • 07:42 How should children repay their parents?
  • 10:10 Our grief process
  • 14:45 What’s your experience with divorce?
  • 17:01 How do you prevent infidelity?
  • 19:34 Single mothers in a marriage
  • 21:42 Men and women are wired differently
  • 24:38 The traditional model of procreation
  • 27:43 When couples aren’t a good match
  • 28:30 Divorce is never an easy way out
  • 31:35 How soon can talks of divorce happen?
  • 34:37 Don’t be scared of having difficult conversations
  • 37:57 How do you prevent divorce?
  • 42:12 Discovering the things that turn you on
  • 47:20 Men are responsible for an amazing s*x life
  • 51:53 Have you read Kama Sutra?
  • 52:25 How do you define sensuality?
  • 56:11 Secrecy of marriage and in friendships
  • 01:01:35 Financial stress
  • 01:05:34 Dealing with your partner’s long-term trauma
  • 01:06:32 The phase of falling in love again
  • 01:08:22 Would you go through a divorce?



Gary Lipovetsky

Gary is Co-Founder of Valeria Inc. His experience in online marketing started in 1996 and includes social, search and banner advertising, directory marketing, content creation and marketing, ecommerce, advanced data analytics, and affiliate marketing. In 2015 he crossed over into influencer marketing by partnering with his wife, content creator, Valeria Lipovetsky. Working together, they’ve fostered a collective audience of over 6.3M people across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook and have curated a team of 16 industry professionals to help serve over 300 brand partners.


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