Unlock Your Financial Freedom: Getting Rich with Vivian Tu

On today’s episode, Valeria welcomes Vivian Tu, better known as Your Rich BFF online.

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On today’s episode, Valeria welcomes Vivian Tu, better known as Your Rich BFF online. Vivian is an ex-Wall Street Trader, Strategy Sales Partner at a Tech company, and the face of YourRichBFF. She started YourRichBFF as a passion project to share digestible lessons on financial literacy and lifestyle. Since then, she has built a community of over 2,500,000 besties helping one another get rich and stay rich. Together, Valeria and Vivian dive into how being smart about money is not just a practical skill; it's a cornerstone of a secure and fulfilling life. They also explore the belief that financial literacy empowers individuals to make informed decisions about budgeting, saving, and investing, and fosters a sense of control over one's economic stability. 

Vivian’s book is available now! Order here: Rich AF: The Winning Money Mindset That Will Change Your Life 

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What We Talked About:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:21 From stock market trader to full-time content creator
  • 03:55 Having the sense of belonging to the society of rich people
  • 06:03 The mindset of rich people and how they handle money
  • 11:17 Not all debt is bad
  • 16:39 “How I lost $4000 to break off a lease.” - Do the STRIP method
  • 23:23 The truth about having emergency funds
  • 28:27 Everything, when comes to finances comes down to time
  • 31:48 What is an FU number?
  • 34:57 The influencer lifestyle and being smart with money
  • 39:45 What in your workplace can and cannot be changed?
  • 42:17 How does the Brag Book works
  • 45:05 Asking for a raise isn’t being greedy if you deserve it
  • 47:36 Two things to remember when negotiating
  • 54:22 Handling finances while in a relationship
  • 58:25 Money is just a medium for what people value
  • 01:00:00 Who pays for the first date?
  • 01:03:06 “You aren’t bad with money, you weren’t thought about it”
  • 01:05:33 Money can buy you the ability to be happy



Vivian Tu

On a global mission to make the financial industry less “male, pale, and stale,” Vivian Tu is a former Wall Street trader-turned-expert, educator, public speaker, host, entrepreneur, media powerhouse, and the founder and CEO of the financial equity phenomenon, “Your Rich BFF.” In January 2021, she developed and launched the “Your Rich BFF” blog and social media handles as a passion project to destigmatize and make the rules of personal finance accessible and digestible to non-experts and marginalized communities. Her dedication to promoting financial literacy and ability to bridge the gap between finance and the mainstream have earned her cross-platform fame and notoriety, having garnered nearly 6 million followers and counting, as well as honors on both the Forbes’ ‘30 Under 30 – Social Media’ (2023) and inaugural ‘Top Creators’ (2022) lists.


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